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Website Design and Business Development for SD VOSH, Paul Draayer, OD

Paul Draayer, OD

Secretary of VOSH, Jennifer Ness


Jennifer Ness

Vice President of VOSH, Dallas Wilkinson, OD

Vice President

Dallas Wilkinson, OD

Treasurer of SD VOSH, Jennifer Sigette


Jennifer Sigette


South Dakota VOSH

3920 S. Western Ave.

Suite 2

Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Phone: 605-338-0551


Trying to reach us?  All comments, questions, and inquiries can be sent to us at by filling in the information boxes below and hitting the send button at the bottom right.  Responses will be formulated as soon as possible.  But please allow for ample reply time.

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Scholarship Available for first-time OD’s to attend a mission!!

  • First come, first served

  • Recipient must commit at least 60 days prior to the mission they’re attending

  • Recipient reimbursed after completion of mission

  • OD's applications considered first before non-OD's

  • Amount given depends on various factors

Click Here for Application

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