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Who We Are and What We Do:

South Dakota VOSH, a chapter of VOSH International, is an organization dedicated to providing vision care to every person on this earth, including those who cannot afford or obtain it.  Our chapter’s team of optometrists, opticians, and other volunteers travel to impoverished countries where eye care is greatly needed.  With the help of local organizations and patrons, we are able to provide eye exams, glasses, medications, and even surgical referrals.


Our Goal:

Eliminate preventable blindness and support access to eye care for those who cannot afford nor obtain it.


Our Mission Statement:

“Sharing the Gift of Vision with the World”


Why Vision?

As stated on the VOSH International website, there are over 1.2 billion untreated cases of refractive error worldwide.  With uncorrected vision, these individuals are unable to perform important tasks that affect their daily lives and well-being.  A simple thing, like a quick exam and a discarded pair of glasses, can change the lives of these people forever.



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About VOSH International

The VOSH International Mission Statement reads:

We believe in the freedom to see.

We provide the gift of vision and quality eye health to people worldwide.

We facilitate the provision and the sustainability of vision care worldwide for people who can neither afford nor obtain such care.

Our goal is to increase our global impact whenever possible by supporting sustainable eye clinics, optometry schools and optometric educators in areas lacking sufficient eye care.


To learn more about VOSH International please visit

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